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Infusion Banner Month 11

Infusion Month Eleven

Hello I wanted to apologise for the delay in posting this final month. The last 4 months have been an incredibly tough time …

Infusion Banner Month 10

Infusion Month Ten

Hey everyone. It is the end of November which marks another Infusion Sew Along and the countdown to the Holiday Season! This …

Banner Month 9

Infusion Month Nine

Hello! We are at the final month of block construction for the Infusion quilt! Soon we will all have a completed quilt! …

Infusion Banner 8

Infusion Month Eight

Good afternoon everyone. Spring has sprung and with it the next step for the Infusion sew-along! This month we begin the machine …

Infusion Banner Month 7

Infusion Month Seven

Hello! With September rapidly approaching it is time for another month of the Infusion sew-along! For month seven of Infusion we are …

Infusion Banner 6

Infusion Month Six

 Good afternoon! This month we are changing things up and working with applique. For our sixth month of the Infusion Sew Along …