Yes I am still working on new stuff

But what is it.

I know that many of you say to me I don't know how you get so much done while you are travelling so much. Well, I get organised I make sure I have sewing in my bag all the time. Waiting for planes, on planes, in the car,  the hotel rooms when ever I can I will sew. That all adds up to alot of time which would otherwise be waisted.

I have fallen in love with little tumblers or thimbles as some people call them. I decided it was a must have quilt so I just had to get started. But, first of all I was not going to cut out all of those little tumblers with a pair of scissors. No way!!  And yes I know you are all expecting this to be an English Paper piecing variety but no not this time.

I am doing this with traditional hand piecing or you can use your machine if you must.

A template was the order of the day. 

The finished size is 1/2" across the small side, 1 1/4" on the opposite side (bottom) 

So as soon as Sam (my very talented graphics girl) had cut the templates on our fabulous laser machine I was into it. Cutting lots of layers at a time and then sewing and it is going together very quickly.

So this is where I am up to.

Phone pictures 161
The templates are now available from here

This is the first of many of my new range of Dual Purpose templates. So stay tuned to see all of our new designs.

Happy tumbling


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