Why is it so easy to clean out someone elses sewing room?

Over the weekend I promised my Mum I would help her clean out her sewing room. Why was it so easy for me to throw out some of her stuff? Yet it was sooo difficult for her to part with it even though she knew in her heart of hearts that she would never use some of it.
I guess that the attachment just wasn’t there for me.
BUT! If someone were to come in and clean my stuff up I am sure they would want to throw out what I consider to be priceless treasure .
Maybe I should get someone in to be a little ruthless and cull some of my mountains of treasure???

We were busy over the weekend with guests.
This is what we served them for breakfast yesterday. It was very yummy.

I am at present getting ready for a number of retreats coming up in the next month at the B&B.
Planning menus and classes organising special treats for everyone.
One of those treats includes a “Death by Chocolate” night.
I will have lots of photos during the course of those retreats se be prepared to be tempted.
One group are the girls from Port Macquarie Quilt Co. in NSW.  They are very excited. By the way for anyone that lives near there Sue and Leigh have a huge sale on at the moment so for some great bargains go in and see them.

I was going through some of my samples today and I thought I would show you one of the quilts that I made several years ago but it is still a very popular pattern.
“Floral Hexagons” these are large quilt as you go hexagons- 6″ finished on each edge. What an easy way to make a quilt


The other thing I wanted to show you also was what one of my students is making.

These hexagons were cut from this piece of fabric.

This was an extremely hard piece of fabric to work with for a first time paper piecer but I think Narelle did very well don’t you.

Till next time
Sue x x x

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