What I have been up to in the past few weeks

Somerset Patchwork in Mt Waverley is one place I have been.

I am always up for a visit to this beautiful shop when the invitation comes my way.

It all started with a Trunk show and then one day was spent team teaching with our "TRIPLE THE FUN" classes that Karen Styles (owner) Michele Yeo (designer) and my self have become known for.

The next day was spent mastering the art of applecores and clamshells my way.

It was a fabulous weekend.

Phone pictures 409

Phone pictures 410

Some of you will have seen the Mrs Billings quilt by Karen Styles but for those who have not here is a version of it created by the very talented Shirley (who just happens to be on the same cruise as us in January) in a different colourway.

Phone pictures 414

A little closer inspection was required as Shirley and I managed to crawl all over it. This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. Congratulations Shirley and Karen.

Phone pictures 419

Next – The art of Chocolate making????????

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