We Won and I am excited.

Last night we attended "The Excellence in Business Awards" for the Sunshine Coast.

We were nominated for 2 categories for which we were finalists.

Creative/Knowledge Industries


To our surprise we won "The Export Award"

Little old us – Patchwork with Busyfingers

I can hardly believe it.

I am sure there were a few other surprised people in the audience as well.

"Patchwork with Busyfingers"  - What do they do?

The short answer to that is "I sell little pieces of paper to people all over the world"

You do what? 

Now you all know what I do and I work hard at it along with my husband Jim and our fabulous staff. But to the average person they think I sit at home all day and knit and it is really hard to explain exactly what I do. But, you know what it really doesn't matter.

So here is one to "The Australian Patchwork Industry"

We were thrilled to catch up with our dear friends Louisa and Malcolm who were last years winners of the small business awards for Cocoa Chocolat based also in Eumundi.

They make the best chocolates in the whole world.


A huge thankyou to everyone who has supported us all over the world to my husband who is my biggest fan, my 4 wonderful children who have been there to help us when we needed a few extra hands and cheer us on and also to Trade Queensland for all of their help and encouragement for us to achieve this award.

This is a cause for some celebration giveaways this week so stay tuned.

Life is so good isn't it.

Sue x x x

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