Waiting, waiting, patiently, patiently.

I am waiting so patiently for my Lancaster quilt to come back from the quilters but with the public holiday on Thursday it means I have to be just a little more patient.

Some quilts you just love more than others and this is one of those quilts. I just can't wait to see it quilted by the very talented Cathy Shibrowski.

So while I have been waiting sooo patiently I have been doing some more preparation.

Up at 4.30am this morning read a few emails and decided I needed to prepare a few more things to sew.

This is for a gathering day that I am doing soon. Can't show you too much. It's a secret.

Phone pictures 584
These are for the centre of a quilt I need to get done fairly quickly like, finished by the end of February. Hmmm!!!!! all hand pieced and appliqued. What do you think my chances are??? There are no if's buts or excuses it just needs to be done.

Phone pictures 585

Oh and then there is this.

Phone pictures 586
I am now trying to clean up the mess I have made this morning. You know how it is when you are looking for just the right fabrics. And that's only the half of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend. It is still raining here with all this rain and the hot weather the grass and the weeds are soon going to consume me.


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