Two more winners

It was interesting to see that Pack 30 was by far the most popular of all.
I have two lucky winners for the “Playing with Paper” packs

Noemia chose pack 25
Kathy – akathy@  chose pack 30.
Congratulations. Please send me your addresses so as I can get these off to you both.
Thankyou to everyone who left comments. Everyone always says such lovely things and it always brightens my day. So thankyou again.
Apart from hitting the Gym 3 mornings a week at 6.30am my days have been filled with designing and sewing this week. “YES” I am in my glory.

I am actually trying my darndest to write another book but I think it could be turning into 2 books as I am travelling down 2 different paths.
One is definately on English Paper piecing and the other ? Hmm. You will just have to be patient.
My head is like a washing machine that I can’t turn off.

I have a few little sneek peaks for you to see.
Not too much information now.


Now I did tell you I can’t give too much away.
There are a few other pictures but they were a bit blurry so you will have to wait until next time.

I have also been writing up some other patterns. They have actually been proof read as well TADAA
I cease to amaze myself sometimes. Seems like a miracle.
Just got to do a few little changes and there will be more give aways. How exciting.

This morning I am teaching and then it will be back to the drawing board for me.

See you all next time

Sue x x x

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