Well as you might have noticed by the giant bird I have joined the twitter ranks.

It is such a simple thing but I had so much trouble trying to get my widget to work.

And you just can’t have your widget not working can you now? Way too much going on in my tiny mind to concentrate.

Come and follow me on twitter and find out what else goes on in this crazy but exciting life I lead.

Everyones talking about it so I guess I just needed to do it.

I have so many new things to show you.

I pick up my new book from the printers on Tuesday. Now that has been a long road and I will have photos for you to see as soon as I pick it up.

It’s called “A Road Less Travelled” 3 quilts and 3 small projects

I will also be able to show you my new BOM called “It Takes Two” This BOM will start in August.

It will be available as a BOM, Pattern with papers and template or a whole kit

And the other big project I have finished is called “Under the Southern Stars”

I am so excited about them as I just love them all.

I have finished off all of my big projects for now and am about to embark on a few others

with these beautiful fabrics that arrived in the mail


These beautiful reproductions Pewter, Indigo and Honey. Yummo!

I can’t wait to get started.

But as you can imagine after finishing so many large quilts my sewing room is in absolutely no state to start something else till I clean it up.

So I had better get started.

Stay tuned and check back as there will be some great giveaways next week of my new stuff.

See you then

Till next time

Sue x x x

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