Today is my day

Good morning to everyone. Today is a beautiful day here in Eumundi and it is the day I share my little my design with you.

The beauty of this design is that I have given you a couple of variations to choose from.

I hope you enjoy them.


Download thread_catcher.doc


This pattern is for the hexagon base



10cm (4”) strip of 2 different fabrics

10cm (4”) strip of shapemaker

Shapemaker is similar to buckrim only more user friendly

It is washable. It is what everyone uses in bags these days.

It is also used to make curtain pelmets.

You could use a firm cardboard if you don’t have shapemaker

6 small buttons or trinkets


From each fabric:

1 – 2” hexagon

6 – 2” scallops

From shapemaker:

2 – 2” hexagons

12 – 2” scallop shapes

Lay a shapemaker shape onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut ¼” larger.


Lay your fabric shape wrong side up and place the shapemaker shape on top being careful to centre it. (See diagram)

Fold over the first side and secure it with a paper clip. Fold over an opposite side or one other side if you don’t have an opposite and secure it with a paper clip.

With a needle and thread, tack around all the sides sewing through the shapemaker and fasten off when you have finished, removing the paper clips as you go.





Place wrong sides together and whip stitch them together in pairs with an invisible thread.

Join with a herringbone stitch.


Fold the scallops up and attach with a stitch and a button. 


 I hope you enjoy my gift to you.

Be sure to send me some photos.

Till next time.

Sue x x x 

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