Time flies when you are having fun

Well we have just farewelled another group of ladies who have been here for a 5 day mid week retreat.

We had a great time and so did they.

I nick named them “The Black Bag Ladies” and their leader was Gadget girl.

I have never seen a more organised group of patchworkers in my life.

They all had matching machine bags, board and ruler bags, fat 1/4 bags and all the luxuries a patchworker could ever think of.

Travel irons, Daylight lights, ruler stands, thread catchers, sewing machine mats with matching cushions for their backs.

You had to be there.

In fact I was feeling quite inadequate.

I generally work in chaos so I have to tell you I learnt alot myself this week.

I now have a bag just like theirs 🙂 It is so cool but I won’t be using it for my machine as I mostly do hand work. So I will fill it with all my other treasure.

The girls were avid machine patchworkers when they arrived but have gone home with alot more knowledge on English Paper Piecing, Needle turn applique and a few extra embroidery skills.


Here they are working madly on their machines.


Here they are about to head off to “The Patchwork Angel” for some retail therapy but alas, the fearless leader “Gadget girl” is dragging the chain just trying to finish one more seam.

A couple of the girls enjoyed massages and we celebrated Gerry’s birthday as well with a High Tea.

We had a fabulous week and it is always sad to say goodbye. However my little team, Gayle, Lyn, Janet, Avis and myself have been invited to visit them in November for a sewing day.

This week I have a huge week catching up on paperwork, pattern writing and general stuff. After 2 big retreats and a week of my computer being down I have 3 full pages of jobs to do.

Where ever you are I hope you are well.

Till next time

Sue x x x  

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