Tilburg here we come

After we left Handebeit haus we travelled about 6 1/2 hours to Tilburg where I had 2 days at

Quilt it and Dotty

How cute is this tea set which Dorry had specially made for her shop.


I had a great couple of days here. I also had the pleasure of meeting Supergoof. I am sure some of you know her and I got to see some of her quilts,

This one is her thimble quilt which is quite amazing and it is all hand pieced.

Here is her Klosjes/spools quilt. It is amazing

Tilburg also is home to an old textile museum and I was lucky enough to spend just 45mins there one afternoon before it closed.

The old machinery is still working making beautiful damask and many other fabrics

Well it is now off to Belgium so I will see you there

Till next time


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