The Quilter’s Palet

What a fabulous day with Evy and Petra and so many patchworkers coming to my Trunkshows and demonstrations.

90 very entusiastic ladies altogether. The Quilters Palet is a beautiful shop with many of my favourite fabrics. (See all the reproductions behind me)


All of the ladies went home with a smile on their face and a new technique in hand. How exciting.

In the afternoon my dear friend Guute arrived and there was much excitement. Guute has a wonderful blog and she also designs some amazing quilts.

Guute and I spent the day together not doing too much except alot of talking.

I drove to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam where I bid farewell to Sammy and the "B" in the box. He looked very sad when I left him.

I flew out at 9pm. 13 hours and I was ready for that massage waiting for me at Singapore airport.

I went to the fish spa and forgot to take photos (guess I was tired) They have these big spas that you put your feet into and the fish come and nibble on them.

I think they are some type of fish from Turkey. A great place to relax while you are in transit.

9 hours later I was on the final leg home.

Another 7 hours but the flights were not so bad. There was Jim waiting anxiously at the airport. I think he missed me.

It was warm and the sun was shinning brightly.

I had a fabulous trip and I would like to thank everyone who was apart of it. I would also like to thank everyone for their encouragement along the way.

I will be announcing the winner of the guessing competition tomorrow.

Till then stay safe.

Sue x x x

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