The Nut Cracker

Meet Cosmo – The Belgium Nut cracker

Nut Cracker 

I am in Belgium at the moment. I have just spent the last few days teaching at The Patchwork Studio and now I am having a couple of days R&R with my friend Gudrun before leaving to come home. This is Gudruns dog and this little fellow lives in a backyard where there is a Walnut tree and a Hazelnut tree and he spends his days cracking nuts and eating the insides. There are cracked shells everywhere.
Little Cosmo always looks so sad as he has recently lost his best friend Robere So without his friend he is ever so bored so he has taken up nut cracking.

I will have some photos and stories of Ste Marie Aux Mines to share with you when I return home next week.

Take Care


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