The end is in site

I was so determined to finish the Lancaster quilt last week and I wasn't sure that I was going to make it.

Sooo, what does one do? I got up at 4.30 yesterday morning (Sunday) and put the last stitces into the quilt top. YEAH!!!

Here is a peak at the corner.

Phone pictures 502
So then, what does one do?

She grabs her husband and they go out to enjoy breakfast with friends.

Phone pictures 503

So after a very enjoyable breakfast and lots of catching up sharing exciting news for the coming year, what does a girl do then.

Firstly she must go and do some retail therapy for a few last minute things for our holiday coming up this week.

And then

She makes a cup of tea and sits down to start another new project. What else???

Phone pictures 501
What a great wat to spend a Sunday.

I hope you had a great Sunday too.



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