There has been so much interest in the Pie quilt that I just wanted to say thankyou to a very special friend of mine who without her this pie quilt would not be.

She is an inspiration to me, she is my rock when the chips are down and she can always see the funny side of things when she knows I need to laugh. And did I mention just a tiny bit crazy and so very sensible at the same time. The person you need by your side when you shop for fabric because she always knows what you need before you do.

Some of you will know exactly who I am talking about.

Her name is Kay Hayden and she actually made the quilt that you see pictured every where. Mine is close to being finished but I keep  getting new ideas and starting other things which is what happens to me on a daily basis.

So THANKYOU to my friend Kay.


I have a small photo of what I have been madly sewing lately . I have just 12 more 1″ circles to sew onto it and I will be done.


This quilt is another using those fabulous reproductions that I love so much 

Till next time

Sue x x x

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