Taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine.

We have had an unusually cold winter here on the Sunshine Coast so I decided to make the most of a beautiful sunny day and sit out in the sun and do a little hand sewing.
I wasn’t there long when I was joined by my Mum who has been spending a couple of days with us.
She is such a treasure as she was helping me tack some paper pieces for a new quilt that I have been designing.
Before you all start to think that I am lucky enough to sit around sewing all day well, it wasn’t long before I headed off to TAFE ( Night school for any overseas readers) We decided to brush up on some of our computer skills.
Here is Lynette and I on our first night. We were a little bit nervous to say the least but we survived and we will return again this week.
Last night I was laying out some paper piecing shapes on the floor. I got up for just a minute and returned to find Elke trying to help. The more she wagged her tail the further they spread  around the room.
She looks a tad guilty don’t you think.
That will teach me for not sticky taping it together.
She is a beautiful natured dog so I couldn’t even rouse at her.
Here is what it turned out to be after I collected up all the bits and started again.

Till next time

Sue x x x

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