Ste Marie Aux Mines

I am just going to backtrack a little to Ste Marie Aux Mines.

It is not always easy doing blog posts on the road.

It was an original Amish village set in France very close to the German border.

What an amazing town. Not alot happens here for most part of the year but in September it all changes. All hotels are booked solid. There are people everywhere and quilts hanging in every public building like churches, theatres and halls. It is a beautiful town and the surrounding scenery is quite beautiful. Very hilly and green. Some parts of the countryside reminded me of where I live.

Phone pictures 102 
Lots of the shop windows had some sort of patchwork displayed in them wether it was a quilt, a wall hanging or cushions.

Patchworkers for as far as the eye could see. The whole town is involved. Patchwork Paradise.


Phone pictures 103

Check out these little duck cakes 
Phone pictures 104 

And Pretzels. I love pretzels!!!!

I'll be back with more on


Till then


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