Staying Alive on Day Five – EEEK

We managed to sleep in a little this morning and woke to a beautiful day.
What to do???
Hire a boat and go fishing. Now there’s a thought.
Off we went four of us our Daughter Shannon and one of our sons. I think I forgot to mention them. We are actually staying with them as they both work here.
We loaded up the boat and off we went.                                           

Here’s Jim and No.2 son Corey.
Here is Shannon our only daughter.
We had absolutely no idea what we were in for when we set out.
The water was 32 deg C today. Do you know what you catch in water of this temperature?
We didn’t.
First stop I threw out my line and within 30 seconds this is what I had landed. I didn’t even hook him in the mouth. He just happened to be swimming by and wammo I had him.

That is defiately a first for me.
Chaos reined for the next 15 – 20 mins as Corey and Jim both caught another shark each but both their lines got tangled and then Shannon had one as well.
You had to be there it was like the four stooges. OMG.
Well we got that sorted out when bang I had something huge again this time it was a stingray.Pict1992
I’ve gotta tell you this is not my kind of fishing.
We spent the rest of the day with only one more catch and it was a small cod.
While cruising around we did happen to see a large shark cruise past, a dolphin, well there goes that theory. Where there is dolphins there are no sharks and a couple of very cute turtles.
It was a very exciting day but then it was time to just kick back by the pool and have a rest to get over it.

Till next time

Sue  xxx

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