So what did I do yesterday

I hand pieced some klosjes/spools 5 sets of 4

Phone pictures 587
Then I moved on to some applique. I did 12 more little red baskets.

Phone pictures 588
And then I played with some English paper piecing. Kites! Not sure how these will end up but I guess that is half the fun about designing stuff the way I do. I never really know what it will look like until it is finished.

Phone pictures 589

Preparation is definately the key to lots getting done.

But guess what?


Phone pictures 586
Still looks like it did yesterday.

I said preparation was the key to getting things done I did not not say organisation in my sewing room is the key.

But quite honestly who actually cares? No one is going to lose sleep over Sue Daley's untidy sewing room RIGHT???? I know it will get the better of me and I will tidy it all up just like new sometime soon.MAYBE

Have a great Sunday where ever you are.


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