So what did I do with my applecores?

I have made a quilt is what I have done.

Blue is not a colour that I work with on any great scale very often and I have had a few people ask me why.

It is not because I don't like it. It just never occurs to me to do so.

Well this time it was my mission to make a primarily blue quilt.

It started with this.

Phone pictures 078 
Some of you that know me know that I rarely start with a plan. My quilts just usually evolve.

So it all began with a border.


Phone pictures 081 
The centre…..

Then what? I had to dance around it for a few days before I came up with the next bit.

I already knew what I was doing last but ooh I just couldn't decide about the bit in between.

Finally after just a few days it came to me. Birds. Yes birds are what it needed.Phone pictures 082 
And finally the last border.

Phone pictures 087 
This quilt now known as Appleberries came together very quickly.

Using the English paper pieces from our range and my easy to follow technique it ws soooo much fun to do.

I hope that you like it.


The colours are actually not quite that bright. They are mostly reproduction blues, tans, beiges and creams.

The pattern is called "Appleberries" and it comes with all the pre-cut papers and acrylic templates for cutting your fabric.

It is available from here.

Just in case you happen to need them we also have some fabric packs available.

8 fat 1/8ths of a variety of reproduction blues


8 fat 1/8ths of reproduction tans, creams and beiges

Available from here

So that is what I did. Have you made anything with applecores? I would love to see them.

Till next time.

I will also be keeping you updated on my clamshell quilt which is coming along nicely as well as the other 15 things I have started lately.



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