So much rain

Gosh we have had sooo much rain over the last couple of days.
We have a little intermittent creek at the bottom of our property. Well, today it was very different.
We have some crazy neighbours that damed up the creek, highly illegal I might add and because of their stupidity we ended up with a river of dreams. Don’t you just love ’em.   hmmmmm!!!!!!  NOT


A bit like having a waterfront really.
Apart from having to keep an eye on the rising waters we had to work twice as hard today as my right hand man, Lyn was flooded in and was unable to make it to work today. We finished getting packed ready for the big drive to Sydney for Quilt market.
I will keep you posted on our adventures over the next week.
On a more quilty note here is an update on my octagon quilt. Another row finished ready to go on.

Well I have to go and get my bag packed.
Till next time
Sue x x x

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