Road Trip and Technology

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing. I can sit in the car while my wonderful husband is driving and type this post to you.

We decided it was time to get with the programe and get a wireless stick and all the other stuff so that I can not waste a minute while sitting for hours on end in the car.

So with all of the computer stuff, my sewing and a good book what more could I ask for?

We have been on the road for about a week now and having a great time.

We spent a couple of relaxing tdays in Port Macquarie with our friends.

Next port of call was Pot Pourri Cottage at The Junction in Newcastle. What a great couple of days . I did 2 full day workshops there and had a wonderful time teaching my “Playing with Paper” classes

Barbara and Trudie were great hostesses and they have a beautiful little shop in Glebe Road. They have alot of English paper piecing enythusiasts in their area.If you ever get the chance drop in and have a look.

I appologise for the lack of photos but my battery went flat and I keep forgetting to recharge it.

We are at the moment headed for Patchwork House in Hawthorne Victoria where I am doing a trunk show tonight and a workshop tomorrow. It is I believe a full house so it will be lots of fun.

I will keep you posted and I hope to remember to charge my camera battery

Till next time

Sue x x x

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