Quilt Market is over

What a fantastic show we have had. Meeting new people and catching up with old friends.

There was a huge presence of Aussies there. Seemed like everytime I turned a corner there was another one. A mix od designers, shop owners and fabric companies.

We set up our booth and it was all systems go. We were in Row 1 and on the first morning we did not know which way was up there were people everywhere and to be truthful by 10:30 our booth looked like a dogs dinner.

Here I am with Jennifer from Shabby Fabrics

Jennifer is delightful and will soon have more of my designs on her shelves.

My next photo is with Jo Morton who had a beautiful display of quilts which I really loved.

Another one of Lori Smith. What an amazing display of her quilts and I think most of them were hand quilted.

Quilt market is such an eye opener. Seeing what the many talented people in this industry create never ceases to amaze me.

Today we have spent shopping at the Galleria and just having some time out.

Tomorrow Festival starts and I will have 2 days there before heading home.

So till next time

Take care 

Sue x x x 

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