Progress and my Inspiration for the Squat Tumbler Quilt

Just a quick post to let you all know I have been madly sewing at every opportunity and I have lots of new things that I am preparing for the new year. I am also doing my little squat tumbler quilt in between everything else.


When I was in The Netherlands on my trip in March I met a lady who runs a fabulous blog called Supergoof and she makes the most beautiful quilts. She makes all kinds of quilts by hand and inspires hundreds of Quilters all over the world. I did do a blog post at the time and showed everyone some quilts she had showed me on the day.

For some real eye candy go to her blog
Unfortunately her old blog has been lost but I think she is re writing some old posts.

One of her quilts is a squat tumbler quilt or a thimble quilt and I believe she may have just finished it. She was my inspiration for this quilt.
I did see a pattern for it in an old European magazine or maybe it was a book for small quilts recentlyOn my return trip to Europe this year I was asked if I was able to make a template for cutting the fabric.

So of course I was able to do that. Because of that I now know there was no excuse not to make one for myself. Just what I need another little something to do. It will be in between all my other stuff of course.

While in Belgium in September I had the opportunity to see some of these quilts made in different colours.




Stayed tuned for my adventures in Iowa


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