Patchwork retreat fun

After arriving home from Spring Market I had a Patchwork retreat to get organised.

The ladies arrived Friday soon after lunch. I really do love hosting these events they are so much fun. I am thrilled to be able to provide such a beautiful venue where patchworkers can relax, eat, drink, sew and just enjoy their time with like minded friends.

Here are the ladies are getting ready for show and tell.


And here are three of them on their way to a pyjama party. Hmm Looks like some fun to be had.


Complete with pearls and matching handbags.

You can get away with anything if you are wearing pearls.

The ladies had a great time doing their swaps and round robins.

It was over all too soon. We waved them farewell on Sunday afternoon and promptly went in to pack for the Sydney trade show.

We flew to Sydney on Monday and we set up on Tuesday.

Tuesday night I did a trunk show at The Wyld Ivy cafe in St Ives arranged by Annalisa from Busythimbles patchwork.

It was a fabulous night. Great food, great company and of course they all got to see my new quilts.


My life is currently like a merry go round and every now and then I get to get off, but not for long and then I am back on it.

I may come up for breath about mid September for a week or two.

I will bring you some pictures of quilt market in my next post.

Till next time

Take care

Sue x x x

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