Our U.S. Office. YEAH!!!

This week I am heading off to the US to do many things.

First and foremost.

Setting up



Boy! I never thought that I would be saying those words.

The office is mostly set up thanks to Carrie and Ken who are going to be looking after it for me.

An office, shelving, computer, phone, internet. You know all of those things that make it all happen in my world.

West Wall

North Wall




We are going over on Friday for the big move. We will be bringing in all of the stock etc.

Then I will head over to Omaha to teach at Lyn's store "More Sew for You"

I will be teaching a number of classes at this beautiful shop and also holding a trunk show. Can't wait to see you girls again.

Then I will head back to Jessup Iowa to Merry's Stitchins. Merry and Jennifer have been in the process of building a great big "NEW SHOP" it is enormous. Here I will be teaching and doing a trunk show for the official opening of the "NEW SHOP"  A shop that everyone needs to visit. I am so looking forward to catching up with these too. This is about the time in my trip where Jennifer and I might need to sneak off for a pedicure or something and a day of retail therapy.

Then it will be time to head off to Spring Market in Kansas City where I will have all of my new designs on display. School house sessions and Take and Teach. Another full agenda.

A place where many decisions are made.

From there I will be flying down to McKinney Texas to Happiness is Quilting

Here I will be teaching 9 small workshops on various techniques. There is fun to be had in McKinney.

I will also be doing a trunk show for the Frisco Guild.

It is going to be a jammed packed month for me. I guess I can sleep all the way home.

I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it.

So I am sure that I will have lots of stories to tell on this next trip.

I hope to see you somewhere out there on my travels.

Take care


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