Now for the real wedding

It was such a beautiful day.

The mix of an Australian wedding and a German wedding and to add to the mix a touch of the movie "Love Actually".

HMMM. Well they pulled it off and it was lovely and fantastic all at the same time.

Didn't understand a word of it but it sounded good.

As the ceremony finished from high up the back the football team burst into song "All you need is Love" accompanied by a trombone, our youngest son playing a big pipe organ, guitar and 3 trumpeters and a vocalist.

Enough to bring a tear or two to your eye.

As they walked out there was a guard of honour made up of the football(Soccer) team and then there were doves. Beautiful white doves which they released.

The church was old and the grounds were very beautiful.

IMG_1523 (5)

Here are the bridesmaids the one on the left is my daughter Shannon.

IMG_1526 (5)

Now that was a trick 2 bridesmaids in Germany, 1 in Dubai and one here in Australia.

We ordered all the dresses here in Maroochydore on the Sunshine coast Australia and they all fitted.

Here is to the Bridal shop in Maroochydore.

Here a my 3 boys getting readyDSC_0074 (3) .

And last but not least Jim, myself and the newlyweds

IMG_1749 (3) 

Now theres one child down and three to go and that doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon.

We hope to see them living here in Australia very soon. But who knows??

Till next time

Sue x x x

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