No I am not missing in action.

Just a little busy here at Busyfingers. We have moved our office to a bigger premises. This has been a huge job but so worth it. More room to move. YEAH!!!!

Just a few patterns and paper shapes in load No. 1.

It has been nice to be home for a few weeks as I have managed to have some design time in between moving.

A couple of new quilts will be revealed soon and one has been made with………. applecores. Now that I have shared with the whole world how to sew them it makes this quilt very easy.

It is called "Appleberries"

This week I have been spending time with a colleague (One of a pair)

She has come to stay at the B&B for a week and we are working of course.

One of the things that I do as part of my business is to help shop owners to understand how my patterns work and to teach them the many techniques that I use so they can help pass that knowledge onto you.

We have been working together on some new things and preparing for some exciting overseas stuff.

To keep our strength up we just HAD  to eat these very sweet treats. YUMMO!!!!

Till next time




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