More little red baskets

While I was away I did manage to do a little sewing while lazing by the pool.

My little red baskets.

I love doing these little baskets. There are quite a few to do but I have found if you are a little bit organised they get done very quickly.

Phone pictures 579
Cut out the background square and press them in half to find the centres.

Phone pictures 580
Trace around them using the little acrylic basket template and cut them out.

Phone pictures 505
Baste the baskets onto the background squares using Busyfingers applique glue and put them on the arm of your chair ready for you when you sit down.

Phone pictures 581
Then you trim them to the right size and sew a row together.

Phone pictures 582
Voila. It is easy.

That's how I get things done.

I will keep you up to date with the progress of my baskets each time I add another row.

Take Care


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