More fun after market

What is more rewarding after market than a little shopping.

Clothes shopping. Leonie, Deirdre, Gail and myself decided we needed to clothes shop well in fact Leonie and I did.

We had our own dressing rooms with our name on the doors.

Phone pictures 237

Phone pictures 238
We had so much fun trying on everything. And yes we came away very happy campers with 2 dresses each.

We are now home and it is now back to reality as we prepare for Quilt Market in Melboure as well as 2 classes and a trunk show at Somerset Patchwork in Mt Waverley this weekend.

I think that the classes are fairly full but I do know there is room to squeeze a few more into the Trunk Show on Friday night. Hope to see you there.

Then it is time to stay at home for a short time to regroup and some R&R before 2012 arrives with a very full agenda again.

Jim and I are taking a well earned vacation and treating ourselves to a cruise around the South Pacific. I am so looking forward to not having to do anything if I don't want to. (Yes I can all hear you from here When does Sue Daley ever do nothing?)  Yes but I will have that option which is nice.

I have lots of exciting stuff that I will announce as soon as I have the heads up.

So stay tuned


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