Monday must be “Basket” day

I always seem to do baskets on Mondays.

I finished the final basket yesterday (Monday). Just a couple of rows to sew to the bottom of the quilt and some finishing off and it will be done. There is a little something extra in the middle that you haven't seen yet though.

Phone pictures 657
I have been so addicted to sewing these cute little baskets. Even when I have had deadlines to meet I always manged to sew a few here and there and before I knew it they were all done.

This weekend I am heading off to Girls day in the country at "The Cottage on the Hill" at Nundle. There are lots of ladies signed up for the weekend and I have designed a couple of small projects especially for the occasion. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I know it is pretty much full but who knows we can always squeeze in an extra if you are interested.

Till next time


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