Look where I’ve been

Last Thursday after teaching my regular weekly class at Cooroy. Jim and I headed off to Glenrose Patchwork at Warwick where I was teaching a fine hand quilting class.
I just love going out there for many reasons which I will show you.
This is the beautiful little cottage that we stayed in.
How cute is that.
Here is where we slept. The little bears were just keeping it warm. It was a tad cold over there I must say.
This is where our breakfast was served each morning. Such a treat for us as we are usually on the other end of the serving at our own B&B.
Glenis has a beautiful shop jam packed full of wonderful stuff which I just has to relieve her of some This is the front of the shop. I forgot to get one of the inside.
Enough relaxing and lazing around it’s off to work for me. I know it’s hard but someone has to do it.
Here are some of the girls hard at work each one finally mastering their hand quilting.
Oops a bit of a blurry photo.
Great company, great food, great shopping and great accomodation. Did I mention we also did our fuit and vegie shopping as Glenis and Percy also own a fruit shop. Man they work hard
After 2 nights we had to leave to come home so we headed off to Toowoomba where I did some serious damage on the plastic at Precious Time and then headed to Highfields to The Quilter’s Angel where I did a little more spending.
Lunch at the Chocolate Cafe next door and we headed on home.
All I can say is “What a way to have to work” I am so lucky to be able to work in such a fabulous industry that I enjoy so much.

Back to reality as I was straight into hosting and cooking for a HIgh Tea.

Next post I will announce the winner of the Playing with Paper packs so stay tuned.

Till then

Take care

Sue x x x

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