Last leg of the trip

Straight up the Hume Highway and into Sydney.

Here we spent 2 days at Busythimbles.

I had a class to teach and some filming to do. That was a bit of fun.

It also gave me the chance to throw some ideas around with Annalisa for the finishing kit for Quiltaid next year. I have agreed to design it for her again.So stay tuned for the details on that.

Yes you are right that is a bowl of Lindt chocolate on the table.

From there we were headed for home but not before we added a couple of things to the luggage department.

Like – yep you guessed it 51 metres of fabric whoo hoo.


You can see in the photo.

10kgs of bananas and a pumpkin from Coffs Harbour

The big brown boxes contained special gift boxes which I am going to use at some up coming retreats.

The things you pick up on a road trip?

We are now safely home.

See you tomorrow

Sue x x x 

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