I’ve been there and back again

I am in the land of the living but it's not always easy to get internet access when we are on the road.

After the Sydney show we headed off for Bangkok for 2 days where we spent time shopping for clothes and all sorts of goodies and racing around in tuk tuks having a great time.


We then headed off to Germany for my son's wedding.


There were two ceremonies a week apart so in between the two of them we headed to Belgium to visit our friends Guute and Johan.

What a wonderful couple they are. We had a great time. Guute took me to all of the local patchwork shops that were open. It is holiday time over here and alot of the shops are closed for summer vacation.


Here we are having a carriage ride around Bruuge. What a beautiful town.I saw ladies making Flemmish lace. It is so beautiful.

Be sure to head over to Guute blog where you will see the beautiful antique quilt she is making.

I will be back with some more about our trip later.

Till next time

Sue x x x

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