I would like to introduce you to Sammy – Sammy Snail

I would like you to meet my friend Sammy Snail. The smallest car in the whole world. I have spent the last 10 days driving from one side of The Netherlands and back. North to south, east to west I think I have covered most of the country and sometimes just crossing the border into Germany.

This little car has taken me through the wind, the rain and of course the snow. I have had many a worried moment and probably shed a tear or two when that "B" in the box (Satalite navigation) has sent me on a wild goose chase in the dark and the snow. But I knew Sammy would get me there eventually.

I woke this morning to this. Poor Sammy. I almost couldn't find him.

Sammy fits 1 suitcase, 1 laptop bag, 1 stack of quilts a handbag and a bottle of water. Oh yes and of course me. Too bad if someone wants a lift 'cause it ain't going to happen.

I cleaned him up and set off for my last day at The Log cabin.

We had another great day, a little quieter because of the snow but it was good.

I have another friend I would like you to meet. His name is Chikko. He has a few issues but he is so cute don't you think. He belongs to Jacqueline but I think he needs a little coat. Maybe I could leave him my hat.

I think he is very loved.

I have just travelled north to Den Haag where I will spend tomorrow at The Quilter's Palet. I know that there are approx 90 people attending during the course of the day so it will be a big day.

On Monday I will spend the day with my friend Guute and then fly home on Monday night. I will have a 9 hour lay over in Singapore and I am heading for a massage and a few other luxuries.

I have had a wonderful time here in the Netherlands and Germany and I will be sad to leave this Winter Wonderland.  BUT I will be back soon. The plans are under way for my next visit and I think it is going to be a much bigger trip. Next time I will not be alone.

I hope you have enjoyed my trip with me as much as I have enjoyed having you along.

So good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Sue ( exhausted) x x x


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