I won an award and lunch out with Lynette Anderson

How exciting to win an award from Guute in Belgium.

Thankyou Guute. I have met so many wonderful people since I started my blog in February. It never ceases to amaze me how you can make friends with people that you never actually physically meet.
On the other hand we also get the opportunity to meet many people around the world that we wouldn’t normally meet.
For instance we will be going to Germany next year for my son’s wedding and I am now planning to meet up with Guute in Belgium. How exciting.
I am hoping that I will be able to do a bit of teaching over there as well.

I would like to award the following people with the Kreativ Blogger award.

Firstly Lynette, as she very kindly helped me in the begining when I swapped over to typepad. Lynette is one of Australia’s leading designers. Lynette’s blog always has great stuff on it. How cute are her animals. Especially Hugo.

My next is May Britt. May seems to make alot of projects and it is always nice to see the overseas girls
using our Australian designers patterns.
The other thing I like about May’s blog is her little sayings she always adds to the end of her posts.

My third choice is Helen Stubbings. Helen is a great inspiration to many people and we are very proud of her here in Australia for the awards she has won overseas.

Number 4 would be Penny. What a great job she does running The Patchwork Angel and keeping her blog up to date. I have known Penny for sometime now and you could say that we are like 2 peas in a pod. Same sense of humour. That could be good and bad.

Last but not least I love Teddlywinks. Now who doesn’t love teddy bears. Liz does the most amazing designs with her teddy quilts. They are so cute.

Today I had lunch with Lynette Anderson at a great little organic cafe at Cotton Tree called Sister.
The girl that owns it worked with Jamie Oliver and now she helps him out when he comes to Australia.

Lynette and I spent the afternoon eating of course and also making plans for something very exciting for the future. Can’t say anymore about that until we do a bit more ground work. So stay tuned for further information.
This is what I had for my lunch. It was very yummy.
Till next time

Sue x x x

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