I love “SEWLINE” glue pens and a tutorial.

Today I thought I would share with you a product I was recently introduced to which I just love.

As well I thought I would give you a little tutorial about it.

As you all know I specialise in English paper piecing, needle turn applique, embroidery and fine hand quilting.

I had heard of the "Sewline" brand and use one of their trio marking pencils which I also love for many reasons but one of them is that I don't have to keep changing the leads to a different colour. I just need to turn the top.

While I was in Europe recently I was introduced to the "Sewline" glue pen. There is a little story that goes with it but I won't bore you with the details.

With English paper piecing it is necessary to baste fabric to a pre-cut paper shape.

Now, I have always basted with a needle and thread sewing through the paper.

Why do I sew through the paper?

It keeps the fabric held firm around the paper otherwise on the bigger shapes the fabric bags out and the papers also fall out befor you want them too.


I have a "Sewline" glue pen

These are my favourite things that I use for English paper piecing.

I have my

Pre-cut papers – from me of course. Patchwork with Busyfingers

Perspex templates – From me

Milliners/ straw size 11 needles – from me

Superior Bottom line thread – which I also keep in stock – available in 1420yd spool (will last you forever) or superbobs a packet of 10 assorted colours.

Sewline glue pen which we now also stock (Love, love, love it)

How do I use it I hear you ask

Here is a little tutorial

Using the perspex template and a rotary cutter cut out your fabric.

Place the pre-cut paper on top of the wrong side of the fabric.

Run the glue pen along the edge of the card.

Note: It comes out blue and dries clear and is water soluable.

Fold the fabric over the edge of the card and press with your finger.


Repeat for the remaining sides.

If you have points make sure that you have nice crisp points and leave the tails hanging out. (Very important)

Brilliant for curved edges as you can pull them in tight eliminating points on the curved edge.

I know what the next question is before you even ask it.

How do I get the paper out now?

Don't take any papers out untill you have sewn your shapes together.


Just peel the fabric edge off the card and it will just slip out.


Tomorrow I will be back to talk about why I use Milliners size 11 needles and Superior bottom line thread and how to sew your shapes together.

If you think you might like a Sewline glue pen you can go here. Refills are also available.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial

I will see you back here tomorrow

Sue x x x

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