I Love Norway

We then headed over to Norway where I was greeted at the airport by Kathrine from Kathrines Quilt Stue

I had some big days ahead of me

4 classes and 2 trunk shows the entusiasm in Norway is unbelievable and it never seems like work ever.

The girls had all been working hard to get their quilts finished from when I was there last time and I was not disappointed. I have never seen so many of my designs all finished in one place before.

I am just going to load up the photos so you can see for yourselves.

It all started with a trunk show. I just lost count as to how many people came. I was so overwhelmed.

And that was not all of them.

Trunkshow in Norway 2

The glitzy lanyard girls with May Britt and Hanne
May Britt and Hanne with a table full of friends all wearing our glitzy lanyards. Why not grow old disgracefully I say.

Kathrine, as usual had made a beautiful display of everything including lots of fabric bundles. She just about moved her whole shop.

Antique Sampler
Antique Sampler

Another Antique sampler
Antique Sampler

Butterscotch quilt SD

Cassies Quilt
Cassie's Quilt

Icy Nights from the book New English paper piecing next to the original
Icy nights next to the original from my book New English Paper Piecing

Gypsy Garden

Icy Nights

Antique sampler


Joined at the heart from my book made by Merete. Yes it is in shades of grey 

Merete and myself. Merete not only makes beautiful quilts but she is one of the best quilters I have seen along with my quilter Cathy Shibrowsky.

Smaller version of Antique sampler

It Takes 2 with Rebekkah
Rebekkah!!! What can I say she makes so many beautiful quilts. I think she had 4 big ones there to show me and she also works full time. What a treasure you are.

Smaller version of Antique sampler SD
Antique sampler smaller version

Smaller version of Under the Southern Stars
Smaller version of Under the Southern Stars

Square Dance from my book New English paper piecing
A larger version of Square dance from my book.

Ring of Roses
Ring of Roses table runner

Kathrine and I in front of my Baskets for You quilt. Kathrines favourite quilt.

One of the things my daughter Shannon was making while I was teaching. Secret sewing treasures box.

Last year when I was in Norway we finished with a photo wrapped in quilts so here we are again wrapped in different quilts.

Thankyou to everyone who made my trip so fabulous. Thankyou to Kathrine for being a great hostess and to all of her staff. Oh yes and to Helle who made sure I was always where I was meant to be each day.

I hope to see you all again soon


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