I had a wonderful day today.

Today I was treated to a trip to the castle with Elise and Carry. We had a wonderful day. We had a few unplanned deviations there and back but just a chance to see the country side really.

There was still a little snow laying around from a few days ago. It looks a bit cold doesn't it.


Well it wasn't that bad. I just had to apply the lip gloss a little more frequently than I would normally.

Here are my two hostesses for the day at the entrance to the castle.

Sorry about this terrible photo maybe I was cold or something. I was intrigued with these wonderful gardens. They were so manicured.

Now there is a better picture.

We had lunch and enjoyed this as well. Yummo!!!

I appologise again for the sideways photo but I am very tired now and I know that you all understand.

This is where we went for dinner . 

A traditional Dutch pancake restaurant with the biggest pancakes I have ever seen.

Thanks Elise and Carry for a wonderful day and lots of laughs.

Tomorrow my work begins with 3 workshops. I am looking forward to putting some faces to names and getting to know lots of shop owners.

See you all tomorrow.

Oh and don't forget the guessing competition 

Sue x x x  

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