I can still find time to sew

In amoungst all of the festive activities that go with this time of year I have still found time to sew.

I have lots of new things to start the New Year so stay tuned for my new BOM's and Fabric Clubs that I will be announcing over the next couple of weeks.

Right at this very moment I am trying to finish my Lancaster Quilt

I have made some great progress over the past couple of days

Here are some bits and pieces I am working on.

Phone pictures 486
A few more clamshells. I love doing these little babies.

Phone pictures 487
One of the borders. I am nearly done with these also.

Phone pictures 488
Just a  little bit more.

I love this quilt.

I am really hoping to finish it this week and then off to the quilter it will go.

Have a great day. Last day of the holidays for us today.

Back to the office tomorrow

Till then


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