I am here at last

Well I am here at last safely but not without a few hitches.

I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare as usual.

I just happen to have an extra bag in tow which I of course new would be excess baggage. One extra bag under 20kg and they wanted to charge me $2,500 yes you have read that right. I almost swallowed my tongue. So right away there were a few adjustments to be made. I could have bought the bag it's own seat for less than that.

The flight was as OK as a long haul can be and I arrived in Amsterdam unscathed. A taxi ride to the hotel to settle in and then just a short train ride.

Well, I put my credit card into the ticket machine and the machine ate it. Crap.

Just what you need when your travelling.

A quick phone call home and that was sorted. Thankgoodness.

I arrived at the Distributors and they have done a wonderful job refurbishing the place, it looks wonderful.

Rows and rows of fabric, notions, books and of course a complete range of my designs and pre-cut papers.

My classroom looks very impressive and there have been lots people scurrying around all day adding finishing touches here and there.

I will have some photos of it all on Sunday I hope.

So while I am away I thought I would have a little guessing competition. The person who guesses the right answer or the closest to the right answer will win a copy of my new Chelsea  quilt pattern complete with papers.

I will announce the winner when I arrive home from Europe.

So all you need to do is guess how many 1/2" hexagons there are in this jar.

I have decided that you can have up to 2 guesses each. So leave a comment with your guess and see how close you are.

So happy guessing

Till next time

Sue x x x

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