Houston Flashback

Life is always busy but not quite as busy as it has been over the last little while. Every morning I get up early with the intention of blogging but I am not sure what is happening in those early hours of the morning where I used to find the time to do all of the things that never got done in normal daylight hours.

So having said that I am here typing this blog and trying to give you just a snapshot of Fall market on my new Mac book which I have no idea how to use.

As you know we had the rush of getting samples made with my first fabric range and even though it was a tad stressful it was also fun seeing my family pull together as one.

We made it to Houston safe and sound where I caught up with losts of old friends and made so many new ones.

It was lovely being just across from The Riley Blake Stand where I could see the display of may fabrics made into numerous things. It wasn't only me that sewed like there was no tomorrow but the team at Riley Blake had some of their girls quilting all night just to get the samples done in time using Prairie Rose.

Oh yes to top it off I managed to lose my voice right before I had to do Schoolhouse. Now that was fun.

Yes, as you can see by the caption I have been bailed out by my daughter making sure I blog by sending me some photos.

Photos from Market

Well there it is. I can't wait for Shannon to come home so she can teach me a few things on this computer.

I miss you Shan.

Till next time 



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