Home, Home on the Range

The time has come for the final clue for our where abouts.
Two of the kids bought us a night at a resort before we headed off home.So I thought I would show you the final photos.Pict2016                                                                           

We were lucky to have an early check in so we were able to relax by the pool for lunch with a bottle of wine.
When you think life can’t get much better I spotted this.Pict2017

Hmm? Will I or won’t I??
Don’t be silly, of course I will.
The order of the day was a massage. What a way to end a holiday.
For our final dinner we were here.Pict2018

It was a beautiful outlook and we returned to the same spot for breakfast.
The time had come and we were ready to spread our wings and fly home.

We left at 1pm and the first leg of the trip was 2 hrs and 20mins. The second leg was 4 hours and we arrived home at 3am. Only to be ready and teaching a patchwork class at 9am.

Welcome back to reality.

While we were away our friend Chris who was taking care of the B&B ended up in hospital so they had to call in the back ups Lyn and David. Lyn also took care of the patchwork side of things she is such a treasure.
The phone was out of order for the 10 days we were away  . Two businesses and no phone not a good combination but we all survived and I am very thankful to have such wonderful friends who succeeded in keeping the home fires burning.
The final clue as to where we have been hiding is —- We went to the west coast of Aust. So send in your comments with where you think we are.
Tomorrow I will announce the 3 winners for the “Where’s Sue” competition.
Thankyou to all the people who have shared our holiday with us.
Stay tuned as over the next couple of days I will give everyone the chance to win some of my new patterns.

Till next time

Sue xxx

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