Happy Mother’s Day

I hope that all of the Mums out there had a great day.
One of my mother’s day presents was 2 of my children coming home from Broome and 2 leaving again.
The two coming in were armed with a box of Krispy Kream donuts no less.
It’s a bit like Noah’s Arc. They come in two by two, they graze awhile and they leave again.
It’s great to have them home but I think that the pantry is in for a rude shock.

I had a day out with my Mum on Thursday. we went shopping and bought some new clothes and of course shoes. Don’t you just love a day out shopping especially when shoes are involved.

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning up our office. I cannot believe that we accumulate so much crap.
So much for the paperless society. It’s never going to happen in this house that’s definately a given. Here’s Jimmy working on a Sunday afternoon catching up with some orders. I think he just likes working in a tidy office.Pict2094

Well I am about to head off into the kitchen to start preparing dinner.
I just got used to cooking for 2 and now we are back to feeding the masses.

Look here are those Krispy Kreams just waiting for me.Pict2096

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Polly’s Pockets pattern and Yes there is another pattern up for grabs.

The best thing I ever did was start a blog it keeps me  motivated to get my patterns finished

Till tomorrow

Sue  x x x 

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