Geckos, Geckos and Bling

Since we have been here we have been blessed with the company of geckos. Big ones, little ones all sorts of ones. They are everywhere.Pict2014_2
Not a great picture, this is just a baby Corey found it in his room. They run all over the glass doors at night.
Today we went to see the Dinasaurs footprints but the tide was too high.
So we took a photo of some fake ones.
Not wanting to go home without a decent photo I thought I would share this one with you.Pict2006

After we got home I talked Shannon into getting some bling on her toes too. Like mother like daughter.Pict2011
But she has out done me she has sparkling little stars.
Our time here is coming to and end with just 2 more sleeps.

Till tomorrow

Sue xxx

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