Finally it has gone to the printer

My new book has finally gone to the printer.

It’s been written, proof read, proof read and proof read. Samples are made, photography done and it has been safely deposited to the printer who is going to start work on it tomorrow. Yeh!!!

Potion of quilt

Just a little peek at one of the projects.

There are 3 quilts and 3 small projects.

I will be launching it in Pittsburgh in May and it will also be available here about the same time.

I have also done my little project that I have been working on for Quiltaid called Bluebird of hope. Now that is going to be an exciting venture. This is a fantastic project with 12 very well known Aussie designers all involved so stay posted for more news about that.

I am about to finish a project for Quilters Companion magazine which I need to get finished in the next couple of days or I will be in big trouble.

ANNND I am trying to finish some new samples to take to Pittsburgh.  I must learn to breath better I am getting tired just talking about it.

No wonder my head feels like a washing machine most days.

And that is why I have been obviously absent from blogging so I know that you will all understand.

Now isn’t this just the cutest face. There is just something about dolphins that makes me smile. I took this photo when I was at seaworld recently. They are one of my most favourite animals.

Scanned Images 006 

So now I am off to cook dinner and put my feet up and do some sewing. I have about 4 blocks to go till I finish a small pie quilt which I will be able to lend out to shops that are running the Pie and Tarts BOM 

Till next time

Sue x x x

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