Fabric Stabiliser

I know how much everyone loves tutorials so I have decided to do a few for you over the next few months.

I thought everyone knew what fabric stabiliser was but apparently not. So I thought I would show you.

It is one of those fabulous products on the market that makes our patchwork lives so much easier.

There are a number of different ones out there but I have come across a new one (New to me anyway)

It is so beautiful and fine. It is 150cm wide.

Trace your design onto your fabric.

Iron the stabiliser onto the back of your fabric with the slightly rough/glue side facing the back of your fabric.

It stabilisers the fabric while you embroider or do your stitcheries. You can drag your threads across the back of your work without the threads being seen on the front.

Now you are ready to start your embroidery or stitchery. I use a size 9 or 10 milliners/straw needle.(Everyone knows that milliners/straw needles are my favourite) The size 9 is a little easier to thread 2 strands of embroidery floss.


I hope this helps.

You will enjoy doing your embroidery so much more.

Stay safe

Sue x x x

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