Did I say my life was getting back to normal?

Well, I lied.
While we were nursing dad my mum fell over the bed and hurt her knee so last Friday I took her in for an operation. She is now home here with us and on the mend.
She is a bit of a treasure though.
Do any of you have a Mum that helps out with making samples especially tacking paper pieces?
Well I do. She is sewing like there is no tomorrow and in between tacking and sewing she is knitting me scarves.
Nothing will hold her down. I just have to get her better so she can get back to line dancing. At 82 she has more energy than me.
I have been busy trying to get my new book under way but as you can imagine it is a bit slow at the moment.
Here is a sneak peek at a couple of things I am working on.
I am so hooked on this fussy cutting it is becoming an obsession.

I have a couple of new “Playing with Paper” packs which I will reveal on my next post so make sure you check back to find out how you can win one.

Till next time

Sue x x x

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