Day Four and It’s fish galore

We woke to another very hot day.
We planned to do a little bit of fishing this morning.
So up with the birds and off we went. We parked the car at a Port and walked along the longest jetty I have ever seen. Gosh we were so hot by the time we got there.
It was time to bait up. Here I am and no that’s not what I caught it’s the bait. The fishing line was almost as thick as rope.                                                                              Pict1981

As we looked over the edge 2 large stingray swam past.
They were magnificent. Then, a shark it was 2 metres long, at this point fishing was not looking that exciting for me anymore. Just a bit scary.
After I took a deep breath I decided to cast out.
There was something on that line and it was big. I quickly handed it over to Jimmie as I could not reel it in.
Here it is “The catch of the day”Pict1984

How exciting is that, the biggest fish I have ever caught.
When I took a closer look off the jetty there were heaps of these fish everywhere.
What a great place to fish but it was just too hot to stay for a long time so we went on home.

This afternoon was the time for buying pearls. Off we went into town and checked all the pearl shops.
I knew what I wanted but there were just so many to choose from  I just had to buy 3.
Oh dear???
These are what are called Keshy pearls they are odd shaped I guess that’s why I like them.Pict1986
I know it’s not a great photo but it was hard to get a good shot.
When I get home I will have them made into a ring and a bangle. I will show you a photo after they are made.
What is in store for tomorrow??
Remember if you guess where I am just send a comment to go in the draw for a chance to win a Playing with Paper pack.
Till next time

Sue xxx

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