Day 7 in Where’s Sue

We got up early to go for a walk along the beach this morning. We were able to drive right down onto the sand but you have to be careful as the tide comes in so quickly here. Many people have lost their cars. We weren’t looking too flash this morning so here is a picture of our shadows.Pict2000

The past 2 days have been more lay back and not too much going and doing stuff.
I have managed to get a bit of stitching done and some house keeping on the computer.
I have some new paper piecing shapes. Here is one of them. It is very similar to the elongated hexagon but it marries with hexagons, triangles and 6 pointed stars.Pict2003
Here is a little something I put together today.Pict2004

I have drawn up some other combinations which I will share with you when I get home.

Look at this little critter that joined us on the verandah last night.
That is an insect he has in his mouth he just latched onto it as I was getting the camera.
He is very cute don’t you think.Pict1998

Do you like the slideshow I put on yesterday? Doesn’t create great designs?

Till tomorrow

Sue  xxx

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